Frequently Asked Questions

What is the "PD in your PJ's" Conference?
This is a totally free, totally online Ed-Tech conference.

When is the conference?
Saturday, June 16, 2012 from Noon to 5pm (Eastern Standard Time)

Where is the conference?
The conference is totally online, so you will simply access it through your web browser from wherever you are.

How much does the conference cost?
Nothing!  The conference is totally free.

Is there a Twitter hashtag for the conference?
Yes, the conference hashtag is #pdinpjs

What topics will the conference cover?
There are currently 28 different sessions being offered with topics from Google Apps to BYOD to digital textbooks to other Ed-Tech topics.  You can see the full list of session on the "Conference Schedule" page.

How long is each session?
The sessions are scheduled for 45 minutes each, although the presenter is welcome to continue for the entire hour if there are additional questions.

Is any special software needed to access the conference sessions?
No, just any modern web browser.

What technology is being used to stream the video of the sessions?
The presenters will all be using Google's "Hangouts On Air" to broadcast their sessions.

Do you have to have a Google+ account to view the live video streams of the sessions?
No, you do not need a Google+ account to view the live video streams.  The video streams will be public and can be viewed by anyone.  You would only need a Google+ account if you wish to join in one of the session Hangouts as a guest panelist.

Where will the live streaming videos for each session be found?
Each session has its own page on this conference website.  We will embed the streaming video for each session on the pages for each session.

How can the live streaming videos for each session be watched?
Simply go to the web page for the session you wish to watch on this conference website right before the time the session is to begin.  We will embed the live streaming video for each session on the session webpage about five minutes before the official start of the session.  If you do not see the streaming video just refresh the session webpage until the video appears.  The streaming video for a session should show up within five minutes of the start of the session.

How can questions be asked and comments made about a session?
Below the live streaming video will will also embed a chat window that can be used to ask questions and leave comments related to the session.  You may chat as a guest or can log in with other credentials (such as Twitter).

Can participants join in the live Hangout?
Yes, Google Hangouts allow for up to 10 people at once in the live video Hangout.  The presenter may choose to allow some people to join in the live Hangout as guest panelists to ask questions and offer comments in person.  Each session page has a link at the bottom to a form you can fill out to request an invitation to the live presentation Hangout.  Please click that link and fill out that form if you wish to be considered for being added to the live Hangout.
Note: You do not need to be in the Hangout to view the Hangout.  All presentations will be streamed live on the conference website for anyone to watch.

Will the presentations be recorded for later viewing?
Yes, all the presentations will be recorded through Google Hangouts.  We will post the recorded sessions to the conference website within the weeks following the conference.

Is it too late to submit a proposal to present a session?
No, you can still fill out this form to submit a proposal. Since the conference is totally online, we can most likely add more presentations.

Who is behind the conference?
The conference is being organized and run by "The State of Tech" podcast ( ) and its hosts Sean Beavers, Eric Curts, and Eric Griffith.  The conference is also sponsored by ITIP Ohio, and assisted by Google in Education.