Collaborative Signup Sheets Using Google Docs

Session Description
Do you have an event which requires attendees to participate in certain activities or bring specific items (ie class picnic) and you don't want everyone to signup for the same thing or have 15 desserts and no real food to eat? Do you have a limited number of speech topics and only want to allow two students per topic? Are you creating a work schedule for a fundraiser and need parent/teacher volunteers to work an hour each but only need 2 or 3 people per hour max?

Are you tired of collecting emails and voice messages from dozens of people only to have to transcribe the information into a spreadsheet? And then you have to email the spreadsheet to other people on the planning committee, dozens of times with the updated information?

Would you like to be able to show the attendees, real-time, where the most help is needed and that you already have enough cupcakes? Google Docs can solve these problems for you with collaborative signup sheets. I've used this for my Cub Scout Pack for the last four years for dozens of events. It's been a huge help for our Leaders and saves me a lot of time and headache.

With collaborative signup sheets, information is shared two ways: 
1.  To the attendee before they signup (in the form of charts & graphs).
2.  To the event organizer and event committee, after attendees signup. Get notified right away when someone signs up, or just once a day, or on your own schedule (it's up to you).

Watch this 2:00 minute video to see how it works:

  • Suggested audience: Anyone, teachers, community group leaders (Scouts, sports coaches, church groups, etc) who need to have people signup for events
  • Prior experience or knowledge: Beginner (very new to this topic)
  • Time: 4:00 pm Eastern
  • Session hashtag: #collabsignup
  • Conference hashtag: #pdinpjs
Name: Matt Arnett
Position: IT Architect
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